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Pfarrkirche St. Augustinus (parish church St. Augustine) in Viechtach

”Cathedral of the Bavarian Forest“ : this is the name that Viechtach´s parish church St. Augustinus, one of the most beautiful rococo churches of the region, has been given with good reason. The interior of the church is characterized by an impressive rococo decoration. Fragile stucco decorations on ceilings and walls, rose garlands and freely shaped rocailles provide a courtly character to the room. Especially remarkable are the choir stalls and five confessional boxes made of oak wood and decorated with elements of the late rococo.

The first Gothic-style parish church was presumably built in the year 1415. But the church fell victim to the flames three times. After a fire had destroyed a whole quarter of Viechtach in 1729, the inhabitants began to build today´s parish church which, due to financial difficulties, was not completed until 1763. Since that time, the steeple with its dome hood and pointed spire has been Viechtach´s cultural landmark.

Further information:
parish office, phone 0049(0)9942/5061

Religious services in Viechtach:
Saturdays 17:30
Sundays 8:00, 10:00, 19:00


St. Anna Kapelle (chapel of St.Anna) next to parish church St. Augustinus

After the church had been destroyed by the devastating fire in the 18th century, the former cemetery chapel was used for religious services until the new parish church was completed.

Compared to the luxuriantly decorated parish church, the chapel presents itself in quite an unadorned baroque style with gothic elements.

Highly important is the crypt with the fragmentary Death Dance depiction from the early baroque era. The well-preserved mural painting shows in 13 scenes wealthy citizens dancing with Death. Death is personified by a trumpet player. The Death Dance fresco was rediscovered in 1986/88 and is one of the most important baroque frescoes of its kind. Already in 1978, an ossuary was discovered at the south-western corner of the chapel. The ossuary contained the bones of more than 300 dead persons as well as interesting small findings such as coins from the 16th century. The construction time of the ossuary can be dated back to the first half of the 18th century.

The chapel and the renovated ossuary are included in the guided tour of the town offered by the tourist information Viechtach, phone 0049(0)9942/1661. They can also be visited by arrangement with the parish office Viechtach.


Pfarrkirche Hl.Dreifaltigkeit (parish church Holy Trinity) in Kollnburg

Since 1921, Kollnburg has been a separate parish. The parish church with its onion-domed steeple and the unified interior decoration is dated to the year 1676. At the end of the 19th century, the church was extended by one bay to the West. Luckily the stolid and low early-Baroque church hall with its narrow and triangular presbytery has been preserved. The ribs of the barrel vault divide the nave into three bays. The three-storied steeple rises like a roof turret above the front side of the presbytery.

On the church organ, there is a quaint depiction of the Holy Trinity dated to the middle of the 15th century. The late-Gothic wooden carved group shows the coronation of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Trinity. Curiously enough, the Holy Trinity is shown as three bearded men wearing crowns and strongly resembling the Three Magi from the East. The donator coat of arms is the one of the Nussberger knights. A baroque replica of the Holy Trinity group can be seen in the middle part of the high altar.

Another remarkable detail is the colourfully painted sandstone Pietà dating back to 1430, a sitting Madonna with the dead Christ in her lap. This sculpture is kept in the parish office.

Parish office Kollnburg, Burgstr. 13
phone 049(0)09942/8807


Evangelisch-lutherische Christuskirche (Evangelical-Lutheran Christ church) Viechtach

The Evangelical-Lutheran church was built in 1950 as a so-called “Bartning emergency church“ (churches designed by the architect Otto Bartning) for the numerous refugees and expelled persons after World War II.

The pleasantly bright tent-shaped church room is not only used for holy services by the members of the parish. It is also a suitable room for meditation, concerts and lectures.

The Christ church can be visited at any time. If the church is closed, get the key in the parish office next to it.

Further information:
Evangelical-Lutheran parish office, Schmidstr. 17, phone 0049(0)9942/1204

Holy services:
every Sunday at 9:30