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general terms and conditions


General information

All details in this list are based on the information given by the accommodation providers. The presentation of the individual accommodation and equipment units by means of pictographs is oriented to the Tourist Information Norm (TIN) and provides you with quick and clear information. The listing of the different establishments does not represent any order of rank.


Disclaimer of liability

The list of accommodation providers is only for trade promotion and information purposes. The author of the brochure cannot be held liable for wrong information or for the non-provision of promised services by the respective service provider. A tenancy agreement or accommodation contract is only concluded between the guest and the accommodation provider and not between a guest and the community. The community shall be exclusively liable for the proper handing-on of the booking request and it shall not be liable for any deficiencies in services or for promises not kept. The publisher shall not be held liable for any misprints.



All prices are inclusive prices per night and person and include the additional charges for service, heating, VAT etc. Prices do not include the spa tax / tourist tax. The published orientation prices are valid for stays of 3 days and longer. All prices without guarantee. In individual cases, prices may be changed after the brochure has been printed. For this reason, only the latest offer made by the accommodation provider shall be binding. Printing errors reserved.


Spa tax and obligation to inform

The accommodation prices do not include the spa tax/tourist tax. This tax is raised by the community for the provision and maintenance of spa and leisure facilities. The spa tax / tourist tax has to be paid to the accommodation provider per night and is as follows: Spa tax in Viechtach: adults 0,70 €, children/ adolescents from 6 years 0,35 €, children younger than 6 years are free Spa tax in Kollnburg: adults: 0.50 €/ adolescents from 6 to 16: 0.25 €, children up to 6 are free.
Upon request, severely disabled persons with a degree of disability of at least 50% have to pay a reduced spa tax. Severely disabled persons with a disability degree of 100 % and their accompanying person are exempt from paying the spa tax.

According to the Bavarian Registration Act, the registration form available from the accommodation provider has to be filled in and signed by the guest on the day of arrival. For spouses and minor children, one common registration form is sufficient. For tourist groups consisting of more than 10 persons, only one registration form has to be filled in by the travel guide. After having filled in the official registration form, you are entitled to get the BayerwaldCard which offers you advantages in more than 300 leisure facilities, shops and restaurants all over the Bavarian Forest. Classification The hotels marked by the stars *** below have undergone a voluntary hotel classification in accordance with national standards / a classification of private rooms and holiday apartments. Voluntary hotel classification (based on the guidelines of the German Hotels and Restaurants Association DeHoGa): Depending on the standard, 1 to 5 stars can be awarded:

***** = Luxury
**** = First Class
*** = Comfort
** = Standard
* = Tourist

Voluntary classification of private rooms and holiday apartments (based on the guidelines of the German Tourism Association DTV):

P*****/ F***** = first-class equipment with special additional offers in the service area.
P****/ F**** = high-quality equipment with upscale comfort.
P***/ F*** = good and homelike equipment with good comfort.
P**/ F** = functional and good equipment with medium comfort.
P*/ F* = plain and functional equipment with easy comfort.


Rights and duties arising from the guest accommodation contract in accordance with DeHoGA (German Hotel and Restaurant Association)

1. The guest accommodation contract is considered to have been concluded as soon as the room is booked and confirmed.

2. When concluding the guest accommodation contract, the contract parties shall be obliged to fulfil the contract irrespective of the duration of the contract that has been concluded.

3. If the room is not made available to the guest, the accommodation provider shall be obliged to pay a compensation to the guest.

4. In the case that the contractually agreed services are not used, the guest shall be obliged to pay the agreed or customary price less any expenditure saved by the accommodation provider. According to rates based on experience, saved expenditure amounts to 10 % for overnight accommodation, 20 % of the accommodation price for bed / breakfast, 30 % for half board, 40 % of the accommodation price for full board.

5a. The accommodation provider shall be bound in good faith to let rooms not utilised to other guests as far as possible in order to avoid any losses.

5b. The guest shall pay the amount calculated in paragraph 4 for the duration of the contract until the room is otherwise disposed of.

6. Sole venue for jurisdiction shall be the location of the accommodation facility.


Travel cancellation

After the booking has been confirmed by the host, a booked stay is considered to be a contract to be fulfilled by both parties. If a guest does not make use of the booked accommodation and the accommodation provider incurs damage resulting from the fact that the room cannot be let to another guest during this time, the guest who has not arrived shall be obliged to compensate for the damage. This shall also apply if the guest is not responsible for the cause of the cancellation (e.g. illness, accident etc). This is why we advise you to effect a travel cancellation insurance. To get the required insurance certificate, ask at the tourist information desk.