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The Green Roof of Europe: The Bavarian Forest National Park

The Bavarian Forest National Park and the Šumava (Bohemian Forest) National Park are the heart of the “Green Roof of Europe” and, with 900 km2, the largest forest reserve of Central Europe. The Bavarian Forest National Park was the first national park in Germany. On an area of 24,300 ha, there are 320 km of well-marked hiking trails and 170 km of cross-country trails.

In Germany´s largest forest national park with its mountains Rachel (1453 m), Lusen (1373 m) and Großer Falkenstein (1315 m), Nature is left to develop according to its own laws. Rotten giant trees, dead wood areas and large-scale forest rejuvenation are transforming this former cultivated forest into a "wild" forest. Humans are not excluded but are expected to experience first hand this development of a new forest wilderness.

Some of the special facilities offered by the National Park:

  • Information center Hans-Eisenmann-Haus
  • Information center "Haus zur Wildnis"
  • Outdoor enclosure for plants and stones
  • Outdoor enclosure for animals
  • Wilderness camp on Mount Falkenstein
  • Forest playground in Spiegelau
  • Forest-historical hiking area
  • Rock hiking area
  • Tree-top path near Neuschönau



Hiking in the Bavarian Forest National Park: around the mountains Rachel, Lusen and Falkenstein

Mount Rachel (1453 m) is characterized by its gneiss boulders. The mountain top reveals a great panoramic view of the Bavarian Forest and the Bohemian Forest and, with foehn weather, even of the Alps. The ancient forests around the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest National Park have always had a mysterious aura. This may be the very reason why the Großer Rachel with its myth-enshrouded lake has always been a popular destination for many nature lovers.

Starting points for tours: Rachel mountain shelter, parking parking site Gfäll, Oberfrauenau, Klingenbrunn railway station

Refreshment: Rachel mountain shelter, Waldschmidthaus


The peak area of Mount Lusen (1373 m) is completely covered with granite boulders; legend has it that they were piled up on a gold treasure by the Devil. In 2005, the peak of Mount Lusen was awarded the quality seal “Bavaria´s Most Beautiful Geotope“.

Starting point for tours: Lusen parking site, Waldhäuser, resting place Fredenbrücke

Refreshment: Lusen mountain shelter (open: daily in summer, on weekends in winter)


Mount Großer Falkenstein (1315 m) has been part of the nature reserve since the national park was enlarged in 1997. From the top plateau, the view opens to the west and south-west on Mount Großer Arber (1.456 m) and on the mountain chain of the anterior Bavarian Forest. Particularly worth seeing is the” Höllbachgspreng“, a rocky area with a brook that springs from a gorge and rushes down in several cascades and small rivulets to the lake Höllbachschwelle. Tours to Großer Falkenstein are recommended only for experienced hikers.

Starting point for tours: Zwieslerwaldhaus, Ludwigsthal: parking site of “Haus zur Wildnis“, parking site of Weiße Brücke

Refreshment: mountain shelter on Mount Falkenstein (open: daily in summer, on weekends in winter)


On the adventure hiking trails in the National Park, you can witness at first hand the development of tomorrow´s primeval forests:

  • “Seelensteig“ (trail of souls hiking trail) on Mount Rachel
  • “Aufichtenwaldsteig“ (spruce forest hiking trail) near Spiegelau
  • “Hochwaldsteig“ (high forest hiking trail) on Mount Lusen
  • “Urwald-Erlebnisweg Watzlik-Hain“ (primeval forest adventure trail) in the Falkenstein-Rachel region
  • “Erlebnisweg Schachten & Filze“ (mountain pastures and raised bog adventure trail) in the Falkenstein-Rachel region

Maps for all hiking trails and adventure trails are available In the tourist information offices of the Viechtach region and at the info points of the National Park.


For further information, see

The brochure “Grenzenlose Waldwildnis – Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald“ as well as hiking maps of the Bavarian Forest National Park are available at the tourist information office in Viechtach, phone 0049(0)9942/1661.



Sumava National Park in the Bohemian Forest

The Sumava National Park was created due to a decree issued in the year 1991. It comprises an area of 69,030 ha and is the largest national park in Central Europe. Here you find the most beautiful landscapes of the Bohemian Forest.

Visit the Bohemian Forest to experience Bavarian-Bohemian hospitality and the cultures of two countries. Welcome to the Green Roof of Europe!

For further information on the Sumava National Park, see: